The principles of Delta Systems’ new, five-year business strategy have been announced. The Hungarian company becomes a significant regional factor by broadening its current portfolio and building on the most innovative areas of the IT corporation – smart city solutions, transport informatics, and cloud services – and focusing on Industry 4.0 developments. Delta Systems is to be owned by listed Est Media Plc., as announced on July 30, and Deltagroup Holding becomes the key shareholder of Est Media.

According to the new strategy, Delta Systems Ltd. could turn into a leading-edge, internationally competitive company of innovation in a few years. The enterprise emphasizes the development of own products, which mainly consist of wired and wireless network, cloud service and IoT (Internet of Things) solutions for business partners. It means appearance mostly in the area of industrial digitization, but acquisitions and the extension of the current contract portfolio are also important.

„The stock market appearance and the execution of the new strategy promises a new level of development for Delta Group”  – declared Zoltán Csontos, manager of Delta Group. He added: „the group is in possession of unique expertise in innovative areas and a quality contract portfolio, which provide an excellent basis for further improvements and expansion.”

Increasing the effectiveness of the supplier industrial companies by technology developments is a very important economic policy and corporate objective for the whole Central Eastern European region. We take part in this process, and aim to support the Hungarian and regional industrial participants with information technology solutions” – declared Istvan Papp, director of the board of directors of Est Media.

Delta Systems Ltd. is planned to be acquired, as announced on July 30 by Est Media Plc., a company listed in the Standard category of Budapest Stock Exchange. As a result of the transaction including a share issue, Delta Group becomes the key shareholder of Est Media. DeltaGroup operates currently with close to 250 qualified employees. Its annual revenue in the financial year between 1st July 2018 and 30th June 2019 is HUF 31.3bn (approx. EUR 94.6 million), from which the annual revenue of Delta Systems Kft is HUF 16bn (approx. EUR 48.3 million).