Delta Technologies Plc. is an information technology company listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange.

As its subsidiary, Delta Systems Ltd. focuses on complex infrastructure solutions, including architecture planning, networking solutions, hardware design and installation, as well as application integration. It aims to become a Central Eastern European leader focusing on Industry 4.0 development and expanding its current portfolio, building on its most areas: smart city solutions, mobility and cloud services.

The name of the listed company changed to Delta Technologies Plc. from Est Media Plc. on December 11, 2019. This followed a transaction, in which the ownership of Delta Systems Ltd. was transferred to the listed company, while the holding company of Delta Group, Deltagroup Holding Ltd. became a 30% owner of the listed company.

Delta Group has been among the leaders of the Hungarian information technology industry for more than 30 years. The systems integrator was founded in 1987, and today employs close to 250 specialists. It activities include the servicing of IT and office devices, commerce, as well as outsourcing. The group is awarded every year by renowned suppliers such as HP, HPE, Cisco, WmWare, Citrix, Canon, Dell and Lenovo.